About Fire safety

As the top manufacturer and supplier of sign boards, first aid supplies, and display signs as well as distributor of safety gear including fire extinguishers and other items, we have steadily solidified our position in the market.
Additionally, we offer assistance with fire escape route plans. Due to our superior technological capabilities, we are now among the top brands in the business.

Why Choose us

One of the top priorities for any workplace, school, college, or university, mall, theatre, or management staff is fire safety. The greatest risk is from fire because if a fire starts within a building, it will not only completely destroy that area but will also spread swiftly, maybe killing someone. Although only a small percentage of fire occurrences are predictable and avoidable, the majority are not, necessitating the need for fire safety measures. Each year, fire dangers result in the deaths or serious injuries of thousands of individuals.


"I have been very pleased with Fire Safety's responsiveness to our difficulties throughout the course of our working relationship. Whether it's a broken extinguisher or a misplaced test key, they frequently arrive the same day to meet our needs."
Tony Hawk
"I turned to Fire Safety for guidance and training, and they have been and still are very helpful in meeting the demands of our organisation. It's great how pleasant everyone is and how willing they are to offer advice and training on fire safety."
Julia Miles
"Our fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers are maintained on-site by fire safety. The assistance and ongoing assistance we have received from their Service Engineer has been faultless in terms of commitment and effectiveness."
John Goodman