Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers must be maintained regularly and inspected monthly in accordance with the state fire code and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Our professionals will make sure that the extinguisher you have is appropriate for the danger it is intended to extinguish, that the number of extinguishers and the space between them comply with the relevant codes. We also have monitored fire extinguishers, which electronically verify the device's existence, pressure, and obstruction-free operation. If the extinguisher is ever taken out of operation, whether on purpose or by accident, you will be informed right away.

Fire Alarm

Your building has a fire alarm system in place to keep both you and your occupants safe. All parties rely on this system to operate properly in the case of a fire, serving as an early warning system and facilitating safe and prompt evacuation. You are required by law to make sure that this detection system is in good functioning order and complies with all applicable regulations.Servicing your fire alarm panel will be a simple legal requirement for you thanks to Safelincs. Our certified engineers will perform your servicing and provide you with a cost-effective method to guarantee that your sounders will activate if necessary, giving you piece of mind.

Fire Hydrant

The fire brigade uses fire hydrants to access the local mains supply of water, which is a crucial component of fire protection.They are often installed, owned, and maintained by water corporations or regional fire authorities and are situated along public thoroughfares or highways.The owner, occupant, or operator of the site is responsible for maintenance when fire hydrants are situated on private property.

Gas Suppression

For the design, delivery, installation, and maintenance of fire detection with fire suppression systems, water mist systems, and gas extinguishing, Fire Systems has a specialised expert division. Only a small number of businesses have the specialised knowledge needed to provide comprehensive fire management solutions in high-risk locations with expensive equipment like UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) rooms, generator rooms, computer rooms, data centre rooms, and specialised oilfield enclosures

Watermist / CAFS System

A fire protection system known as a Watermist or CAFS uses fine water sprays to put out fires. The Watermist System from Kanex uses a lot of Watermist technology to quickly imitate the power of water.


One of the most important tasks for any company in the fire protection sector is fire apparatus maintenance, yet this can involve a tonne of paperwork and careful planning. Maintaining your fire safety equipment will be at the top of your list whether you are establishing a firm in the fire protection industry or trying to streamline your present process.

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Regardless matter where you reside, there are universal fire safety rules you should adhere to. 
You may make your home safer and more secure for you, your friends, and your family by taking the time to consider the following fire safety advice.