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Fire Safety has established a solid reputation for dependability and trust in the safety industry.

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In 2010, Fire Safety was established as sole proprietorship. 
As the top manufacturer and supplier of sign boards, first aid supplies, and display signs as well as distributor of safety gear including fire extinguishers and other items, we have steadily solidified our position in the market.
Additionally, we offer assistance with fire escape route plans. Due to our superior technological capabilities, we are now among the top brands in the business.
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Our Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services, including fire extinguisher installation, refilling, and inspection. We are well-known designers and installers of fire protection and security devices such sprinkler systems, heat detectors, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers.

Fire Extinguisher Services

A fire extinguisher is a portable active fire protection tool used to put out or control small fires, frequently in emergencies.

Fire Alarm Services

When smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or other fire-related or general notification emergencies are discovered, a fire alarm system alerts people.


A fire prevention system needs to be maintained in order to function as long as feasible without needing to be fixed.

Fire Hydrant Services

A service connection for a public fire hydrant that is situated within a public right-of-way or easement is referred to as a fire hydrant service.

Gas Suppression Services

By decreasing the oxygen content to below 15%, where the majority of materials do not burn, gas suppression devices put out fires.

Watermist / CAFS System Services

A fire suppression system known as a "Watermist" or "CAFS" uses fine water sprays to put out fires with fire safety .

Our Products

Our product line is very beneficial to the food processing, textile, automotive, electrical, electronics, and electrical industries. To meet the needs of the clients, we provide a wide choice of fire extinguishers and safety equipment.
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Perfection Anytime

A fire safety risk assessment is the first and most crucial obligation of this law. This seeks to assist in locating potential fire-starting spots in the workplace and the persons who will be at risk.

24/7 Communication

Thanks to our experience, knowledge, and expertise, we provide a thorough communications consultancy service.

Our Fleet

In order to increase fire safety in commercial transport aircraft, the Fire Safety Branch conducts, oversees, and finances research projects.

Emergency Help

Manually turn on the alarm pull station by the exit if the building's fire alarm isn't going off yet.

Advance Technology

The most recent improvements in smoke detectors have boosted their sensitivity, allowing them to differentiate between different kinds of smoke.

Licensed Officer

A fire licence confirms that the structure where a business is located complies with fire safety regulations and that all relevant fire and safety precautions have been taken.


"I have been very pleased with Fire Safety's responsiveness to our difficulties throughout the course of our working relationship. Whether it's a broken extinguisher or a misplaced test key, they frequently arrive the same day to meet our needs."
Tony Hawk
"I turned to Fire Safety for guidance and training, and they have been and still are very helpful in meeting the demands of our organisation. It's great how pleasant everyone is and how willing they are to offer advice and training on fire safety."
Julia Miles
"Our fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers are maintained on-site by fire safety. The assistance and ongoing assistance we have received from their Service Engineer has been faultless in terms of commitment and effectiveness."
John Goodman

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The collection of procedures known as “fire safety” are designed to lessen the damage that fire can do. 
Both preventative and reactive methods are employed to minimise the spread and impact of fires, including those that are designed to stop them from starting in the first place.
In addition to being implemented in already-existing buildings or planned during construction, fire safety measures also include those that are taught to building inhabitants.